The Wild Root Salon is Ames first organic hair salon. The emphasis has always been to help our clients maintain healthy hair and scalp. We are a results-centered salon, offering customized hair services from a holistic approach. Our carefully selected hair color and products support our philosophy of being as organic and natural as possible.
We understand that today, with environmental concerns on the rise, and it has become our social responsibility to bring our attention to the beauty of the world we live in. With our baby steps combined, we can have a greater impact on our planet for future generations.
The air we breathe in the salon is free from harsh chemicals and the energy is warm-hearted, encouraging creative results!

We Believe In
*Supporting our clients in looking and feeling their best without the unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals
*Offering superior natural and organic products with the finest ingredients
*Supporting local business and our Ames Main Street Community
*Being socially responsible and striving to reduce our carbon footprint
*Providing a relaxing and wholesome salon experience
Our Space
The foundation of our salon design aesthetic is a combination of bespoke style and simplicity. Being as Eco-friendly with our choices as possible was a priority in renovating the space in this 110-year-old Main Street building. Our windows saturate our space with natural light, which includes many re-purposed furnishing. The atmosphere is both upbeat and relaxing, giving you place to escape the “hustle and bustle” of everyday life — at least for a while!
We are professional organic hair care experts that specialize in results-driven organic treatments based in Ames, Iowa.
At Wild Root Salon we strive to use safe, healthy, and effective products in our practice. It’s who we are. We only offer treatments that are organic, hormone-free, parabens-preservative free, synthetic fragrances and synthetic preservatives free.
Our products are certified premium organic ingredients derived from nature, vegan certified, Eco-conscious certified, as well as Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.


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